Image: One to Twenty (by Barber Swindells, 2012)

Call for papers

Following our recent series of radar events on the themes of Public/Engagement/Impact/Contemporary (art, design and architecture), we the editors invite you to contribute to the next issue of the radar: Review/Art/Design/Architecture/Research journal (volume 1, number 4, 2013). Where previous issues (1, 2, and 3) have been based around current research within the School of Art, Design and Architecture, in line with the theme of public engagement, this issue aims to include and involve a broader range of participants and audiences within as well as beyond the University of Huddersfield. In particular, we encourage contributions from local institutions, collectives and organisations who are currently exploring similar issues within the creative and cultural industries.

As with previous issues of radar, the brief and theme may be interpreted broadly and we are hoping for a varied range of contributions which might include: short papers, images, photographs, dialogues, interviews, reviews, and other responses to the following abstract:

‘Public engagement’ and ‘impact’ are current buzz-words in cultural and academic spheres, but what do they really mean in relation to contemporary art, design and architecture? How do we define ‘engagement’ and ‘impact’ in these fields and who is ‘the public’ to which we are referring? Should we, perhaps, be speaking of ‘publics’, and can ‘engagement’ be more easily understood as different levels of ‘encounter’ or ‘interpretation’? How might issues around public engagement feed into or stem from broader issues and questions e.g. cultural and political agendas? What might be the future of contemporary art, design and architecture in education, research and practice with/without effective public engagement strategies? How might public engagement issues differ in a contemporary art, design and architecture context compared with other fields? (Why) is it important that publics are able to engage with contemporary art, design research and practice? What can be achieved through effective public engagement strategies? What are the challenges and the barriers to public engagement?

Deadline for contributions: Monday 15 July 2013
If you have not yet done so and would like to fill in a postcard, please print out, fill in and return the attached postcard to the address below.


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You are welcome to discuss any ideas you may have with the editors.

Dr Anna Powell and Dr Catriona McAra

School of Art, Design and Architecture
Creative Arts Building CAAG/05
University of Huddersfield


Event Two, 20th March 2013 – addressing ‘impact’ and what we mean by ‘contemporary’ in art, design and architecture:

Speaker 1: Claire Barber
Claire Barber’s main interest is in the relationship between place and the way people are connected to their surrounding environment. She has worked extensively with communities considering the poetic relationship between art, craft and well-being, and with communities affected by environmental and economic change. In 2010 Claire formed an artist collaboration with Steve Swindells which is founded on site-conditional and artist-in-residence contexts, weaving everyday human narratives, places and activities into the content and production of their work. She has exhibited widely and received over 20 commissions and residencies in the UK and across Eastern Europe, Australia and Japan. These include an Arts Council Art Plus Award (2006) for her collaboration with R.A Webb which produced ‘You Are the Journey’, an interactive public artwork in the context of the Hythe to Southampton Ferry commute. In 2009 she was awarded ‘Place Space and Identity II’, commission in North Staffordshire. In 2012 she completed The Weymouth Relief Road Project, in collaboration with land artist Richard Harris in preparation for 2012 Olympics.
Other recent projects include The Sleeping Bag Project (2010-) involving hand crafting salvaged sleeping bags from music festivals for people without homes during the winter months. The resulting documentation led to a further collaboration with Swindells during the production of WOW (2011), a video exhibited at VI International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, The Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum, Mexico City and a supporting conference paper ‘More than Charity: Textiles in Daily Life’ presented at Making Futures: the crafts in the context of emerging global sensibility agendas Plymouth College of Art (2011). The Sleeping Bag Project was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education innovation awards in Dec 2011.

Speaker 2: Stephen Calcutt
Stephen Calcutt is an Artist, Illustrator and Designer working with, a collaboration that he formed in 2001 with his colleague Martin Greaves. In 2010 he gained a Masters with Distinction from Manchester Metropolitan University in Media Arts. Stephen’s research interests lie in the development of Interactive, Kinetic and Robotic sculpture and is particularly interested in how viewers percive artworks that perform tasks based around data and its visualisation. His kinetic sculpture, Internet Wind (an installation that investigates audience engagements with simulations of telepresence) was nominated for the Axis MA Star Award 2010, and has recently shown work as part of the Abandon Normal Devices Festival and the International Triennial in Istanbul.

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Event One, 13th March 2013 – exploring questions of ‘publicness’ and ‘engagement’:

Speaker 1: Bristow & Lloyd
Bristow & Lloyd is a collaborative project between community worker, Lisa Bristow and educator, artist and designer, Christian Lloyd. Bristow & Lloyd’s work playfully explores the ways in which we talk about our everyday lives. The work encourages participation and involves working with written or spoken word through typography, small publications, or sound. Our Home Rules exhibition explored different ways people govern their domestic spaces through a collection of hand rendered signs.
Lisa Bristow is interested in socially engaged practices and works in community, arts and heritage sectors bringing people together through a wide range of different arts projects.
Christian Lloyd is interested in do-it-yourself, community-based, and collaborative approaches to making and learning about art and design. He lectures part-time on the BA (Hons) Illustration and Contemporary Art course at Huddersfield University, and helps runs a distance-learning degree at The Open College of the Arts.

Speaker 2: Chris Marsden
Chris Marsden has recently completed a postgraduate study at the University of Huddersfield on the development of the town’s Queensgate Market. His thesis’s subtitle is; “Architectural decoration and cheap greens, an architect’s dream?”
Throughout his research he found art associated with market halls which was either generally unrecognised or held in little regard by the public, market staff, traders and totally ignored by art historians. Exploring further he finds public art to be a challenging oxymoron, enigmatic and problematic.
Chris is otherwise a fulltime dilettante exploring and writing about; food, built heritage, concrete, architectural ceramics, sculpture, books, mountains and more. His best essay, published but little known, is on a demolished public convenience in Accrington.


Pilot Event, Christmas 2012:

Hosted at Coffee Evolution, Huddersfield town centre, Christmas 2012 saw the pilot event for radar 4’s seminar series, attended by staff and students from the School of Art Design and Architecture. The precursor to the March events, it provided a discussion forum for the sharing of ideas and the developing of seminar plans over a glass or two of mulled wine – setting in place their informal, discursive and participatory nature.


radar Seminar Series
In advance of the next issue of radar (the School of Art, Design and Architecture’s research journal) we will be hosting two special events. These events aim to contextualise radar 4’s key themes: public(s), contemporary (art, design and architecture), impact and engagement. Please join us from 5.30pm-7pm in Zephyr on King Street: Wednesday 13 March and Wednesday 20 March. All welcome.

Wednesday 13 March: Theme: Public/Engagement
Special Guest Speakers: Christian Lloyd and Chris Marsden

Wednesday 20 March: Theme: Contemporary/Impact
Special Guest Speakers: Claire Barber and Stephen Calcutt

Please click on the image below to download a copy of the seminar invitation postcard. Please email or print, complete and return the postcard if you would like to attend one or both of these events (please indicate). If registering your attendance by email we would still be very grateful for an email response to the radar logo as requested on the invitation (although this is not compulsory!).


radar is the Review of Art, Design and Architecture Research, an annual publication by the School of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Huddersfield. The publication was launched in March 2010 during the Research Festival and the first issue showcased the work of both early career and established researchers in the school, and their interdisciplinary research interests. Now entering its fourth year radar serves as a medium to promote the school’s research strategy to a wider audience, and has been successful in giving the school a profile in the local and national creative arts sector and beyond. Postgraduate research students within the school are encouraged to have voice in Radar in addition to contributions from invited participants and open calls.
Accessible in two formats – print and electronic – the publication is intended to be a design artefact as well as a way of communicating the School’s research to different audiences. radar is a free publication and it is hoped that it will become a peer reviewed, postgraduate-led journal in the not too distant future.

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